When Alternative Medicine Isn’t Enough

Going off my last post, there is a public fear of conventional medicine, a fear that extends way beyond the scope of vaccines. Antibiotics, psychiatric medicine, fluoride, x-rays, MRIs, chemotherapy and the like have all been under attack at some point in time by diehard believers of alternative medicine.

And who can blame them? The list of side effects for some of the most commonly used medications are sometimes worse then the actual disease it’s supposed to be treating. Consider, Humira, a psoriasis medication that may cause, I kid you not, psoriasis.

Many doctors have also neglected nutrition in their practices for a very very long time. Only now are they starting to see the light and accept nutrition’s crucial role in a patient’s health.

Conventional medicine, in all it’s glory, can be kinda of scary and downright wrong at times. Resulting in many people rushing to WebMd to diagnoses themselves or relying solely on nutrition and exercise to stay healthy.

In more extreme cases, people have even turned down medical doctor’s advice in the face of more serious diseases, like cancer. In one such instance, mother of Neon Roberts, a seven year old boy, fought and lost a legal battle trying to seek alternative treatments for her son, who has a cancerous brain tumor.

However, sometimes alternative medicine just isn’t enough. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, tried living off fruits and vegetables and hydrotherapy before opting to more advanced treatments. In one of his last interviews, he admitted he wished he’d tried  chemotherapy and surgery sooner. It might have saved his life.

As a future health educator, I am so happy that so many people have put faith in the healing powers of exercise and diet. Yet, I’m sorry to see it has come mostly out of distrust for the professionals. In the future, I hope to bridge this gap so people can reep the benefits from both forms of medicines.


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